Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ukulele Aquisition Syndrome (UAS)

I admit it, I am a sufferer of UAS, but I have been pretty good, this summer I picked up a Kala Acoustic-Electric Concert, not expensive but filled a need.  Here is a picture: Now I am on the lookout for a Baritone. I like both the Kala Koa and the Ohana. Here are the Kala's I am looking at: The first is Koa, the second Mahogany and the third is Spruce. The Ohana BK-35G is here: So I am trying to decide, not sure which one I want. I have Kala's and know their quality, but I like what I have seen of the Ohana Line, just have never played one so now just have to try and pull the trigger on one of these...

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